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Adrian Shimi Inner Wraps

“Inner Wraps”, or insulating steel pipe strips, are tapes designed to insulate for extensive periods underground pipelines and protect them from oxidation, corrosion, impact, etc. They are highly reliable and stable plus perform optimally in adverse weather and geographical conditions.

These strips are wrapped around metal pipes by the user or wrapping devices. These products are for exterior coating and are made of the following materials: A layer of glue and a layer of plastic. Consequently, this product is often also called double-layer tape, made from a layer of polyethylene and a layer of adhesive based on butyl and bitumen.

These strips are designed to increase the life-cycle of the pipes and utilized as an intermediate layer. These Inner Wraps can be deployed for all types of pipes such as steel petroleum and natural gas pipes. They are manufactured by Adreen Shimi Aarvand Company for cold insulation.

Before gluing the inner wrap tape, special materials are utilized. This material is called primer (another Adreen Shimi Aarvand Company product). Specifically, primer P19 & primer P27 to ensure the tape properly adheres to the pipes.

inner tape A200-min
inner tape adrian shimi
Adreen Shimi Inner Wraps
adrian Shimi Inner Wraps
Benefits of Inner Wraps (Insulated Steel Pipe Insulation Tape):

-The use of Inner Wraps has multiple advantages, hence its popularity and high sales volume. The most significant advantages/benefits of utilizing this product are the following:

-Prevents entry of harmful sediments.

-Resistant to weather/climate changes and forestalls modifications to the dimensions of the pipes.

-Prevents freezing of the pipes.

-Prevents corrosion & decay of underground/buried pipes.

-Increases stability & longevity of the pipe.

-Resistant to high & low temperatures.

-On their surface, there are a series of pores to release vapors from the underlying layers.

-They are flexible & resistant to volatile weather conditions.

Adreen Shimi Inner Wraps
adrian Shimi Inner tape
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