Quality management system policy

Adrian Shimi Arvand Company is the pioneer in the production of insulation tape (cold) anti-corrosion of buried steel pipes with primer in the transmission lines of oil, gas, petrochemical and construction industries in the country.

The company works with specialized, expert and experienced human capital and using advanced laboratory equipment and professional solutions, with the aim of meeting the needs of the country’s industry at the highest quality level and appropriate to the destination and nature of the organization and according to international, regional and national standards.

The company has designed and implemented a quality management system within the framework of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 to meet the expectations of stakeholders and the requirements and demands of customers, and to achieve and develop the company’s goals, has put the following items on the table of its activities.


  • Improving the level of satisfaction and full effort to guarantee products and promoting customer satisfaction as the most important business partner and consequently developing market share and profit and meeting the expectations of stakeholders;
  • The need and commitment to comply with applicable standards, laws, legal requirements and regulations (international, regional and national) and other requirements related to the quality of products, services and risks and opportunities;
  • Improving and maintaining the level of quality and compliance of products, services and continuous improvement by identifying and considering systems, processes, activities, risks and opportunities;
  • Control, reduce and eliminate risk by creating effective risk management and extending, developing and utilizing opportunities for all goals, processes, products and services that can be provided;
  • Optimal use of resources, innovation and provision of quality products and services, support and accountability through cooperation with capable external providers and development of partnerships;
  • Deep thinking, foresight, harmony, participation and promotion of organizational knowledge, organizational skills and culture of employees;
  • Development of the company’s human capital through the training system and communication with specialized, professional and trade unions;
  • Creating a suitable human and physical environment and gaining and promoting employee satisfaction.

The quality management system is created, implemented, supported, maintained and developed based on the participation of employees, and everyone is responsible and accountable for quality and is responsible for its continuous improvement.

Expects all colleagues to work as before, using creative ideas and individual and collective wisdom and diligent efforts to achieve the relevant policy and goals, Because we all believe, the success of businesses leads to sustainable development, employment and development of the country.

We are moving in this direction with smart thinking, efforts and relying on specialized and efficient forces.