About Us

Adrian Shimi Arvand Company business started in 2001 and Adrian Shimi Arvand Company was registered in 2011 under the number 406365.

This company is a leader in the production and export of anti-corrosion products to protect pipelines in various industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, water and water waste and buildings with a daily production capacity of 20 tons.

Our products provide all international, regional and national standards and requirements requested by employers and customers. These products, the most important of which are anti-corrosion coatings (inner) and mechanical protection coatings (outer), together with a primer, create a layer between the pipe and its surrounding environment, which leads to the protection of pipelines, especially against corrosion and gradual decay. Polyethylene tapes have adhesion, high strength, stable and unchangeable protection for pipes, and protection of all pipelines in any size and regardless of what fluid passes through it (oil, gas, water, etc.) can be used. And prevents repairs and very high costs in the industry.

Another application of Adrien Chemistry Arvand products is active pipeline maintenance, which is very effective in reducing maintenance costs.

That is why the anti-corrosion and anti-rot products of this company have attracted the satisfaction of many employers, customers and domestic and foreign companies in the oil, gas, petrochemical, water and sewage and construction industries and At the same time, the company has provided a suitable platform for designing and developing new products, offering new solutions and producing quality products by using capable and creative human capital along with the latest production technology in the world.

Adrien Chemistry Arvand Company, in line with development strategies and goals and in order to realize the approach of continuous improvement and guarantee the success of the company, has continuously paid attention to the requirements, demands and needs of customers and has succeeded in receiving ISO 9001 international quality management system certification.