Management Message

The future is ahead of us, and what we hope for is signs of the same honor and magnificence we deserve. Adrian Shimi Arvand Company with all its human and technical capital since its establishment has been striving to achieve predetermined goals, and this beginning is due to the observance of international, national and regional principles, rules and standards in systems management and technical improvement. And the quality of the company’s products. 

Research and development, along with training, is one of the topics used in the company to implement committed projects using modern technologies and accompanying and using new management methods. Since its establishment, the company has gained and maintained valuable experience in providing anti-corrosion insulation tape (cold) for very large projects inside and outside the country, which is an important part of the company’s activities.

All of the above and interaction and work with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, requires the company to comply with standard indicators along with recognizing and respecting the opinions and suggestions of employers and customers. We hope that the company will be able to achieve technical and quality development in the course of its industrial activities because we believe that “production is the beginning of commitment”.