One of the largest Manufacturer of insulating tape (cold applied) for corrosion protection of underground steel pipes with adhesion primer.

Our goal is to conquer global markets and have an international presence in this field.

 Pipelines transportation play an extremely important role around the world as a means of transporting various gases and liquids over long distances, from sources to final consumers. In fact, oil, gas and water transmission and distribution lines are an important part of infrastructure around the world and due to demand and population growth, the construction activities of such lines have increased unprecedentedly in the last few years

Products according to the standards and requirements of employers and customers

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Pipes Insulation

Cold insulation

The use of the above two types of tapes and their special primers, as well as the method of insulation peripherally or locally depending on the length and width of the damaged part, its location, pipe diameter and ambient temperature in terms of easier application of soft joints has it.

Screw tape, outer tape

  • Due to the hardness of the outer bar compared to the bottom bar, it is necessary to increase the traction of the device.
  • The overlap size of the outer tape should be equal to the overlap of the bottom tape.

Pipe coating repair

  • Tapes and primers (primers and secondary) used in this type of insulation must be of a manufacturer.
  • Necessary equipment in this type of insulation mainly includes tools and machines related to cleaning, priming, taping and etc

Provides all the requirements, wants and needs of employers and customers

The products of Adrian Shimi Arvand Company meet all the necessity, demands and requirements of employers and customers and are in accordance with international, regional and national standards in the oil, gas, petrochemical and construction industries (buildings and Water and Wastewater co. (ABFA)) in the Iranian market.

Adrian Shimi Arvand Company products have been tested in the equipped laboratory of this company and have been produced according to the standards requested by employers and customers and have been approved by official laboratory authorities and product quality control institutions.

All Adrian Shimi Arvand Company products are designed for burial pipelines and to protect them against corrosion, impact and etc. for a long time and thanks to their high reliability and stability can be used in the worst weather and geographical conditions.



Adrian Shimi Arvand Company products are produced in accordance with international, regional and national standards and are environmentally friendly and can be used in any temperature conditions. The impenetrable nature of the anti-corrosion products of Adrian Shimi Arvand Company creates an integrated and impenetrable barrier and In fact, it should be said that the company’s anti-corrosion products create the highest degree of adhesion to the pipe, and in no circumstances, due to the two-layer structure of the protective tapes, these layers after application on pipelines due to stresses due to movement and soil pressure around The pipe does not detach from the surface of the pipe and provides complete protection.

Products according to the standard

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